Kristin H.

Evacuated from Tallahassee to Tuscaloosa during Hurricane Irma. Ordered take-out from California Underground Pizzeria. When my husband arrived to pick-up, they kindly mentioned that they do in fact deliver, which we may want to consider in the future. My husband told them we're just in town for a couple of days due to the storm and they were so concerned and thoughtful - and they told us our order was on the house! What kindness! Pizza and calzone were DELICIOUS. Great place, great people, great food! #kindnessmatters #thankyou

Laura P.

I stopped by the store and asked about a Sunday order and they were so very helpful and the pizza was amazing!! Y'all go by and get some pizza or have them bring it to you! It's so nice to have them in our North Tuscaloosa area!!

Melanie A.

We have been eating here for a decade, It is our favorite pizza in town ! Handmade and delicious , it is always a treat with fresh toppings and perfect crust. Family owned and operated , this is the best choice in Northport for sure !! Sooo good !!!

Lacey F.

Not only is it the best pizza I've found since I moved here from NY, but their customer service is excellent. I failed to check my wallet before my delivery and realized I only had a $100 bill. Called to tell them I'm a dumby and I'd just pick up the difference tomorrow, and their driver brought my change back. Very appreciative that I don't have to load up the three kids and go into town tomorrow. Thanks guys!

Megan S.

The pizza and bread sticks were absolutely amazing, the topping were amazing and the crust was thick and soft only wish the crust could have been brushed with a type of buttery seasoning other then that. I can't wait to order again!

Michaela L.

Hands down BEST FRICKIN PIZZA. This calzone I'm eating right now is like extra cheesy garlic bread with buttloads of pepperoni and some rainbows thrown in, goodness gracious

Kimberly H.

I tried this pizza for the first time last week and it is at the top of my list for the best and some of the most original pizzas that I have ever eaten. The service was great and the people that own and run the business are extremely nice and courteous. I suggest everyone to try this place, you will love it

Pameal J.

Awesome service! Awesome food! We were not sure about the Hot Chick (buffalo sauce) or the BLT (ranch). But they sounded interesting so we went with it. They were both great! We'll definitely be back and will tell more people about it.

Wendy B.

Had a thin pizza today, it was amazing. Thanks to all the polite staff.

Kali R.

Best people in the world and best pizza I have ever put in my mouth!!

Beverly F.

We eat here so much that they know me by name! Sad, but true. They always take care of us and make the kids' odd requests without hesitation!

Martha L.

We tried this pizza for the first time tonight & all I have to say is WOW!!! It was Awesome!!!

Kaleigh B.

This pizza is so good! I could definitely tell the ingredients were fresh and the dough wasn't frozen! Super friendly staff and management! They really take care of their customers! Awesome small business with the best pizza in town!

Rebecca P.

I moved to Orlando in August but I still think about california underground pizza every day

Sam S.

Best pizza around.. AWESOME SERVICE!! Please come here!!

Faith L.

Awesome Pizza! Awesome service! We ordered a large thick crust "wipe out" I think is what it was called. I highly recommend this place!

Jeannie L.

The food was great! The owner himself checked on us several times to make sure we had everything we needed.

Jonathan J.

I can only describe California Underground with one word AMAZING!!! I love thin crust pizza. The thin pie you get at California Underground is cooked to perfection. It is crispy but not crunchy. That is not the best pie they offer. I ordered a thin pepperoni pizza with extra cheese about a year ago. My fiancé picked it up and brought it home. They made our order wrong that night. We got a deep dish instead of thin. I was very disappointed but we ate it anyway. IT WAS THE BEST PIZZA I HAVE EVERY HAD!!!!!!!! Hands down no pizza place in Tuscaloosa can compete. In my opinion it's the best pizza in the world. Seriously.