Dinner Specials

After 2 pm

Pasta Perfection for Your Selection

We’ll serve your pasta your way

When you crave pasta, don’t noodle around. Visit California Underground Pizzeria. You’ll love our mouth-watering Italian classics! You’ll also enjoy our customizable specialties. Some of our pasta options include:

Chicken Alfredo Pasta:


Add other meat........+$1.50
Add veggies........+$1.25

Pasta with tomato sauce:


Add (3) meatballs....... +$1.50
Add other meat........+$1.50
Add veggies........+$1.50


Two 14" Medium or Thin Crust, Two Topping Pizzas


Two 12" Medium or Thin Crust, Two Topping Pizzas


One 14" Medium or Thin Crust, Two Topping Pizzas and One 10" Cheese Bread OR Cinnamon Stick


Pasta Bowl and one 10" Cheese Bread


On Monday's

Maverick Mondays

Order any size Maverick and get same size cinnamon stick free OR ½ off same size cheesebread.

On Tuesday’s

Double Punch Tuesdays

Get Double Punches on your Customer Loyalty Card for each $10 spent.

On Wednesday’s

Wipe Out Wednesday’s

Get 25% off any size Wipe Out Pizza, thin/medium crust only.

Don’t go just anywhere for pasta tonight. Use your noodle and choose California Underground Pizzeria.